Jesus’ Teaching and Example

The Christian Gospels offer tantalizing hints at Jesus’ own sexuality, which may have included some male love interest. However, more directly relevant to us are His teaching nd example , which clearly show that His message is an inclusive one, that quite explicitly does include sexual minorities of all kinds.

After the Gospels, the most important Christian writings are the letters of Paul, who has a reputation as strongly condemning same sex behaviour – but a more careful consideration of his life as well as his letters, in their own context, can offer a different perspective.


The Gospel’s Queer Values

John the Beloved Disciple

John, the (Queer) Evangelist

St Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles

Martha and Mary, Queer Saints

Lazarus, “The Man Jesus Loved”

(From Jesus in Love Blog: Lazarus: The Beloved Disciple?)

Jesus and the Gay Centurion

Phillip the Ethiopian Eunuch

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