1.2 Hebrew Bible

The Jewish Scriptures

The Hebrews’ concept of a single all-powerful God did not incorporate any concept of divine sexuality, but they did include into their Scriptures numerous passages that describe same sex loving relationships, as well as tales of eunuchs as prophets.

Reading Scripture With A Queer Eye

The First and Greatest Love Story in Scripture:  God and Adam

Queering Genesis: Male and Female (And Others) He Created Them

Joseph and His Fabulous Queer Technicolour Dreamcoat

David The Prophet & Jonathan, His Lover

Ruth and NaomiThe Queer Family in the Book of Ruth

Daniel the Prophet in the Lion’s Den

Three Young Men in the Burning Fiery Furnace

The Queer Lesson of Nehemiah: “Rebuild God’s Church”

Trans in Scripture

and: at The Wild Reed: The Song of Songs: The Bible’s Gay Love Poem

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